Please review the "Why Aerial Yoga?" section if joining an Aerial Yoga class for an adult or children. 

  • Q: Do I need to pre-register for my classes?
  • A:  Yes, you must register online a minimum of 1 hour in to attend any class. PLEASE NOTE: there must be 1 student signed up online; 1 hour in advance of the class start time for an instructor to be available to teach their class. Hence the reason we do not allow walk-ins.

  • Q: I'm new to yoga. What class should I take?
  • A: This is tricky. Being new to yoga does not necessarily mean you need a class labeled "beginner." We advise new practitioners to ask themselves what they want from a yoga class. Each class has a detailed description and will help you determine what practice you are needing or wanting. 

  • Q: What should I bring to class?
  • A:  Bring a yoga mat if you have one. We do have gently used mats that you can also borrow from the studio. Bring a reusable water bottle. All other props and hand towels are provided, however, we do not rent mat towels for heated classes. Besides that, bring yourself, a good attitude, and an open mind. (Honestly, we don't care if you bring a bad attitude and any state of mind. Just show up.)

  • Q:  What should I wear to class:
  • A:  Wear what is comfortable. Most people wear leggings or shorts and a comfortable tank or shirt. In hot classes, women may be in short shorts or sports bras, and men may remove their shirts. We recommend wearing a form-fitting shirt in any class because many yoga poses may cause a loose shirt to fall over the head. In Aerial Yoga classes we recommend a form-fitting shirt with sleeves covering the arm pit. Most people practice barefoot, however, socks are optional. Shoes are not allowed in the yoga room unless required by a doctor. 

  • Q:  Do you provide props?
  • A:  Yes. We provide mats, bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks, eye pillows, hand towels at no charge. 

  • Q:  What classes are heated and how hot does it get?
  • A:  Each class description will give you detailed information about it being non-heated or heated along with the temperature of a heated classes. Aerial Yoga classes are never heated.

  • Q:  Do you have kids' classes? Or do you allow children to take class?
  • A:  We have seasonal kids mat yoga classes at this time but we do allow children ages 8+ to take mat yoga class if accompanied by a parent or guardian who can give legal permission for the child's participation. We do not allow children under 15 to attend heated classes.  If you are unable to participate with your child in a regular group class, we recommend a private mat yoga lesson for your child. 

  • Q:  I'm in good shape and want to try the harder classes but I don't have a lot of experience with yoga. Can I still attend the more challenging classes?
  • A:  Yes. None of our classes have prerequisites. Please let the teacher know you are new to yoga but wanted to try a more physically challenging class.

  • Q:  Do you Om, chant, or speak in Sanskrit?
  • A:  Yes and no and all and none. It depends on the teacher. Know that all of these things may occur in a class or none of them may occur. Our teachers design their classes with certain intentions in mind so what you experience in one class may be very different than your experience in the next.

  • Q:  I have an injury/recent surgery but my doctor cleared me to do yoga. What do I do?
  • A:  If your doctor has cleared you to practice make sure you know what type of practice you're allowed to do first. Many doctors do not understand that some yoga is relaxing while other yoga is acrobatic. We recommend you communicate your personal practice clearly with your doctor. After that, tell your teacher about your situation so he or she can help you modify accordingly and tell you what poses, if any, to avoid.

  • Q:  Is there specific etiquette I should know when taking a yoga class?
  • A:  Yes.

  1. No cell phones allowed in the class rooms. Some exceptions may apply but should be cleared with the teacher first. Teachers bring their phones into the yoga room to work the sound system.
  2. Because deep breathing occurs in every class hygiene is very important. Please have a clean mat, towel, and person. Too much fragrance can also be distracting so, if you do wear fragrance/oils/lotions/etc., please wear it sparingly.
  3. Please arrive on time and stay through the end of class. If you must arrive late or leave early please inform the teacher. If you do have to leave early please leave before savasana and leave your props on the floor.
  4. Please do not slam your mat down. Sound carries loudly in the yoga room.
  5. Please do not talk over the teacher.
  6. If you have a question please ask the teacher. He or she will be happy to answer your question.
  7. There are no set spots or spaces. If someone has your "spot" please find a different place to set your mat. 
  8. No shoes in the yoga room. Most people are barefoot but socks are allowed. If you must wear shoes as prescribed by your doctor please inform the teacher.
  9. Please wipe down props and put them back in the prop shelf. All hand towels go in the hamper near the cubby. Rental mats are to be left unrolled on the yoga room floor.

  • Q:  I see teachers practicing in class. Is it okay to ask them for help?
  • A:  Within reason. A quick question is fine but remember their class time is precious and when they are practicing they are students. Practicing teachers should not be asked for assists or adjustments on poses, that is the responsibility of the teacher leading class.

  • Q:  I am a yoga teacher. Is it okay for me to help another student while I am practicing in someone else's class.
  • A:  It depends. It is considered disrespectful to assist or adjust another student in a class where you are also a student. The teacher will work hard to assist all students on his or her time and it is respectful practice to allow that teacher their authority during class time. Helping to a point is fine (short, quick answers to questions, prop help, etc.) but if possible we appreciate you defaulting more involved questions to the teacher who is leading class.