Yoga Classes & Course Descriptions

CALM WAVES Yoga NIDRA (Non-heated: all levels:60 minutes)  

Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic Sleep.  In this class you will be guided through a detailed sleep meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation.  The brain will switch from beta to alpha waves, signaling the transition from activity to meditation.  

Receive deep rest and restoration in this extremely healing practice. 

GENTLE WAVES PRACTICE (Non-heated: all levels; 60 minutes)

Gentle Waves is a healing and meditative vinyasa flow that is great for those new to yoga and for the more experienced yogis ready to slow down, heal and find balance. The primary intention of this practice is to explore and refine foundational poses.

Start your yoga journey, heal your body and find balance, in a peaceful Gentle Waves practice.

SUNRISE YOGA PRACTICE  (Non-heated: all levels; 60 minutes)

Plenty of sun salutations and breath work, Sunrise Yoga is a great start to your morning. This mixed leveled class gives options for everyone, beginner to advanced, and may include guided meditation or set an intention for the day. 

Start your day with the sun, and be ready to conquer your day. 

UNWIND PRACTICE (Non-heated; all levels; 60 to 75 minutes)

Unwind is a mild, relaxing class that combines restorative postures, yin yoga, gentle hatha, and myofascial release. The use of props, aromatherapy towels, and massage or acupressure may be included to create a one of a kind experience. This class calms the mind and activates the parasympathetic nervous system to promote relaxation, healing, and growth. Perfect for all levels, pregnant women, and anyone needing to slowly work toward a yoga practice due to injury or pain. 

Come unwind, relax, de-stress, heal and grow. You deserve it. 

STILL WATER YIN PRACTICE (Non-heated; 60 minutes)

Still Water is a soothing Yin style (passive release) practice with enjoyable floor poses that heal and open the body. This meditative practice is perfect for new and experienced yogis working on flexibility and openings. The longer passive holds, and the use of props provide deep release, healing and relaxation. Still Water has proven to be beneficial for all athletes, including runners, body builders, cyclists, etc.

Surrender, let go and experience inner peace as the body unravels.

FLOW & GO PRACTICE (Non-heated; all levels; 45 minutes)

Flow & Go is a fast, nonstop vinyasa designed to heat the body and increase circulation though movement and breath. While the poses are beginner to intermediate in skill level, the pace is challenging and fun. Perfect for anyone needing an effective practice in a short amount of time.

Come flow it out and focus on your inner self. 

OCEAN WAVES PRACTICE (Non-heated: mixed levels; 60 minutes)

Ocean is a faster paced vinyasa flow that stimulates your metabolism and emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning and endurance. This is a multi-level class with many variations designed to take your practice to the next level.

Energize your body, mind and spirit in the Ocean waves.

DESERT PRACTICE (Heated; 75/80 degrees: mixed levels; 60 to 75 minutes)

Desert is a slow paced vinyasa flow focused on flexibility and detoxification with twists, binds, holds and balancing poses. The format of Desert allows both new and experienced yogis to find new openings. 

Come to Desert to purify the body, unwind the mind and find freedom.

MOUNTAIN PRACTICE (Non-heated; mixed levels; 60 to 75 minutes)

Mountain is a fun power based vinyasa flow that increases strength and improves technique and form. This workshop style practice breaks down the poses and utilizes the wall to explore exciting variations and make challenging poses more accessible.

Explore new frontiers, find your personal edge and enjoy the Mountain journey of empowerment and peace.

WEEKEND WARRIOR PRACTICE (Heated; 80/85 degrees: mixed levels; 90 minutes)

This fun and dynamic 90-minute vinyasa flow is a combination of Ocean, Mountain and Desert. This practice is designed to encourage dedicated yogis to explore beyond comfort zone where transformation is available.

Inner strength is true strength

SUMMIT PRACTICE (Heated; 80/85 degrees: mixed levels; 90 minutes)

This 90-minute invigorating Ashtanga style practice is designed to improve and supplement all other Flow Yoga practices. The format of this practice offers more personalized adjustments and opportunities to explore new poses and fun transitions. Recommended for yogis who are comfortable in Ocean, Mountain and Desert practices and are ready to explore new possibilities.

Explore your potential and evolve your practice at Summit.

COMMUNITY SERVICE PRACTICE (Non-heated; all levels; 60 minutes) 

Our community service classes are free to the public and teach yoga as a practice of healing and rehabilitation. Teachers rotate on the schedule and the style of class may change according to what the teacher decides for that day.

AERIAL YOGA FOR EVERYONE PRACTICE (Non-Heated; all levels; 60 to 75 minutes)

This is an all-levels class that will leave you feeling free and light. The class starts with a warm-up on your yoga mat including stretching and sun salutations. The hammock is used as a prop to help you work through a series of standing postures and planks allowing you to build heat, strength, and flexibility. Class concludes with savasana in the hammock for a truly blissful experience of being wrapped in silk, feeling safe and fully supported. Come experience the fun and freedom of aerial yoga!

Elevate your yoga practice with the support of the aerial silk hammock.

Bring your own mat or rent a mat for $2.

*NOTE Since there is a setup time for silks. No late arrivals. Please be 10-15 early for class. 

INTRO to AERIAL YOGA: 4-Week Course

Begins the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:15pm to 8:15pm. When you purchase your course be sure to go into your online account and reserve your spot.

Aerial Yoga with Inversions is an evolution of yoga that uses a hammock to enhance traditional yoga asana. Aerial yoga allows you to explore, refine and advance your traditional asana practice, both in the air and on the ground. Aerial yoga classes focus on building strength, balance, flexibility and creating challenges that will assist with your emotional growth both on and off the mat. Through the use of inversions (hanging upside down) we stimulate the lymphatic system helping to reduce toxins in the body and allow the spine to decompress and lengthen. This 4-week course will introduce you to both restorative and dynamic aerial yoga. We believe this is a practice that's suitable for EVERY body. This course allows 15 years and older to attend.

Investment for 4 weeks: $80 No refunds or transfers.

Mats are provided. Numbers are limited to 5 students. Online registration required.

Our Intro programs are very popular and usually fills quickly.

 *NOTE Since there is a setup time for silks. No late arrivals. Please be 10-15 early for class.  

AERIAL YOGA with INVERSIONS (Non-Heated; 60 to 75 minutes)

In this playful, high energy class, you will invert! Aerial Flow Yoga combines vinyasa flow yoga and silk hammocks to create a practice that is full of movement, playfulness and freedom. With the support of the hammocks, advanced poses such as Handstand, headstand, shoulder stand and peacock pose become easily accessible to all. This class moves at a faster pace, and will include inversions. For most people we recommend that you attend our Intro to Aerial Yoga: 4-week course before this class, but if inversions are your thing, and you have a strong yoga practice this class is appropriate for you. You need to be totally comfortable with the hammock and being upside down. 

Elevate your yoga practice with the support of the aerial silk hammock.

*NOTE Since there is a setup time for silks. No late arrivals. Please be 10-15 early for class. 

What to wear/bring:

  • Snug fitting shirt (nothing baggy as it gets tangled)
  • Capri pants/tights/leggings
  • No jewelry, lotions or heavy perfumes.
  • Please keep your nails trimmed to avoid snagging the fabric.
  • The silk hammocks REALLY absorb odors, so please observe proper personal hygiene and arrive showered and with deodorant as a courtesy to the next participant.
  • Wear grip SOCKS.